Sisley® Spa

The luxurious Spa has four treatment rooms including a duo room, an elegant mosaic hammam and a bright relaxation area. With openings towards the garden you will feel invited into this intimate and encompassing atmosphere, a perfect setting for contemplation and relaxation.

Entrusted to the well-known prestigious cosmetic brand Sisley, our spa offers massages and hammam treatments. Treat yourself for a skin care as well as body treatments for a unique well-being experience.

Concept & Philosophy

Discover Sisley’s Phyto-Aromatic Treatments and let yourself be transported to a wonderful sensorial world. Benefit from the unique “know-how” and experience of a prestigious brand best known for its use of essential oils and plant extracts to create highly effective products of the highest possible quality.

The Sisley Phyto-Aromatic Treatments combine massage rituals from all over the world, created with the respect of local traditions and the power of aromatherapy, to reunify body and mind. The Sisley Phyto-Aromatic Treatments exist in different versions for face and body, each has its own specific massage technique designed to meet the needs of each skin and its deepest desire.

Expert Treatments

Bespoke treatments, targeted results… Skin care suitable for all skin types, at all times of life and whatever your skin concerns to enhance your beauty and well-being.

The benefits: an aligned body and mind, restructured, harmonised, energised.

Supreme Anti-Aging Treatments

Exceptional treatment rituals and a pleasurable sensory experience, paired with highly effective skin care products to remodel the face, restoring youthfulness and radiance.

Body Care Treatments

Sisley body treatments are designed to offer targeted responses to all your needs, whether it be improving your silhouette, relaxing or enhancing the beauty of your skin.